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A Letter from Randy

Carolina Triathlon - Greenville, SC

Carolina Triathlon is built upon the belief that there is value to the athlete in being able to go to one shop and get everything you need for the sports of running, cycling, swimming, and doing triathlons.

I own Carolina Triathlon and I am a triathlete. I use the stuff we sell every day of the year. Triathlon has been one of the cornerstones of my life for seven years. Every week, I am a runner, a cyclist, and a swimmer. The store is committed to being the place you want to go to get the information, advice, and products you use in your daily sweat.
Carolina Triathlon - Greenville, SCI did my first Ironman in Florida in 2003 and just recently completed Ironman Chattanooga in Sept. 2014.  I've also completed several Half Ironmans as well as a few dozen Sprint and Olympic distance races. Our store is the one I wish had existed when I began doing tris years ago, when I still thought a brick was a building material.
Carolina Triathlon is a sponsor for the local triathlon club- the Upstate Triathlon Club. We also sponsor a number of local races and events, including the Freedom Rings races on September 11, the downtown 5K race, the Greenville Half Marathon in late October, the Tri to Cure kid’s triathlon in August and tons of other events.

All members of the Upstate Triathlon Club, the Greenville Spinners, the Freewheelers of Spartanburg and the Greenville Track Clubreceive membership discounts at our store. In addition, we sponsor the Donna Pedala Women's Cycling Team and the Cycling Team.

Yours truly,

Randy McDougald


Meet The Team



Chief around the camp, Randy is extremely energetic and has a workout regimen that consists of a daily morning ride and run! That run, usually a brick, leads out from his flagship Carolina Triathlon right off the Swamp Rabbit! Owning the premier cycling shop in Downtown Greenville, Randy has over 20+ years serving Greenville a better cycling experience! If you are looking for family fun, dedicated training, triathlon equipment, and everything else bike-related, Randy has it here at Carolina Triathlon! A special piece of Randy's services are assisting the special needs community by providing a special service to mobility. 

John James

20+ years working in the Greenville cycling community, 


If you have met this gent, the great smile and long dreadlocks are a staple! Josh is a road rider, who's recently taken up residency on the Mountain Bike. Tall, lightweight, and fast! Josh used to be a bigtime fixed rider and still can be found on a track bike from time to time. Josh works in sales here at Carolina Triathlon and can completely walk you through any cycling purchase you will make with extensive cycling knowledge. His information can help you through your purchase and also better your riding experience. 


A Colorado native, Darren always finds time to jump into the climbs! Averaging higher ascend numbers weekly is his goal, whether on-road or mountain bike. Lately, he's been a heavy rider when on the MTB trails. You may see him on a number of custom-built S-Works combinations. Also, watch out for this guy on Gravel! Darren is an extremely knowledgeable part of sales here at Carolina Triathlon. His training knowledge and customer service is an amazing asset. See Darren today if you are looking for a great climb or a custom build! 


Max is out youngster! He started working part-time with us, and now is full-time! This curly fro is a junior cyclist, with hopes to own a cool car and continue his growth in cycling. High School is treating this young lad well! Max has a greater knowledge base for our youthful riders, junior cyclist, and team riders. We have a great staff here and Max is a wonderful addition to this. If you need a laugh, he's your man! 


Sam is our ex-pro turned mechanic. An extremely explosive and lightweight rider, Sam usually finds peace on the gravel bike.