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Continental Mountain King II ProTection

Continental Mountain King II ProTection
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Continental’s Mountain King ProTection reigns over wet and dry trails alike thanks to its open lug pattern. This, combined with its large volume and ramped side lugs, ensure great cornering grip and excellent rolling efficiency. Conti's reinforced casing offers top-notch puncture protection, too. It's the ideal tire for racing thanks to its grippy and long-wearing Black Chili compound.

Continental's Black Chili rubber compound significantly improves wear, traction and rolling resistance through the use of carbon nanotechnology and microscopic carbon particles in the rubber. These mold better to the ground and have more points of contact, which gives the tire more grip. And, because the compound matrix is formed of more particles, which are connected more tightly with each other, the tire lasts longer. Plus, the smaller particles are more flexible, too, which improves rolling resistance.