Park Tool Sprocket Remover

Park Tool Sprocket Remover
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Park's SR-2 Sprocket Remover is a shop-quality chainwhip providing incredible leverage and a grip that won’t slip. It features a heavy-duty, heat-treated head, hardened bolts and a comfortable, round, vinyl-coated handle that's easy on the hands. This is an excellent tool for working on cassettes and freewheels.

The Sprocket Remover is a chainwhip. Place it on the cassette as shown and hold the handle to keep the cassette from turning while you remove the cassette lockring with a remover and adjustable wrench (remover and adjustable sold separately). The SR-2 can also be used with another chainwhip to separate freewheel cogs.

Part Numbers

763477007018 SR-2 PAR34804673P